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            2015 congratulations on the Mid Autumn Festival welcoming National Day Huasheng public welfare undertakings.

            Date:2018/06/15  Click:907 times
                    In the morning of September 19, 2015, we welcome the Mid Autumn Festival to celebrate the national day. The road is rotten, and it is full of potholes. The workers in the surrounding factories are very inconvenient to travel through here, especially when it rains. This activity is mainly to fill up the potholes on the roads.
                   Although the day was a big sun, the weather was very hot, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of the staff, through the unity and cooperation of everyone, 2 hours to fill more than 100 meters long road, greatly convenient for the staff and the masses of the surrounding factories and people. In the future, Huasheng will organize employees to carry out these meaningful activities periodically, and contribute to the building of a civilized and harmonious society.